Algae Biofuel Plant In Arizona  

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Green Car Congress has a report on a proposed large algae to biofuel plant (in this case, ethanol rather than biodiesel) in Arizona.

PetroSun BioFuels Refining, a subsidiary of PetroSun, Inc., has entered into a joint venture to construct and operate a biodiesel plant near Coolidge, Arizona. The feedstock for the refinery will be algal oil produced by PetroSun BioFuels at company owned and operated algae farms to be located in Arizona.

The refinery will have an annual biodiesel production capacity of 30 million gallons. PetroSun BioFuels will process the residual algae biomass into ethanol.

The biorefinery and algae farm complex will generate all of its own electrical and heat requirements, utilize non-potable or saltwater, consume no fossil fuels and will be carbon neutral. The joint venture anticipates that all permits will be approved and construction on the biorefinery should commence during the third quarter of 2008.

It sounds a little too good to be true, but construction is planned to begin this year, so we'll find out soon enough. One commenter points out :
Aww, shucks guys, this announce is full o' holes. First the outfit states its forming a "joint venture." Okay with whom? The other venturer is never named! Oops. Second, this is a micro-cap corporation traded OTC at $0.15 a share and $0.00 reported market cap. Can we say Pump and dump?

Where we can be enthusiastic is about the Shell JV. At least there is real money there and a burgeoning technology. If you haven't looked at GreenFuel or Vertigrow lately check em out. The clear polyvinyl bags seem to be working.

For the guys over in Coolige, AZ operating out of a one room suite in Scottsdale penalizes believability.


It appears that some of us have completely forgotten the fundamentals of elementary school biology. Algae or pond scum as some have stated, could very likely be the "perfect" solution to many critical issues and very real problems escalating globally right now! Do the math! How many acres of corn or palm will we need to meet the annual global requirements for fuel? Oh, and do not forget to factor in the additional millions of acres already needed just for human consumption alone. If Verti-Grow was only able to realistically grown and manufacture marketable products for one or two of the items in their proposed list they will still be substantially in the lead compared to what others have proposed or produced. At this point, I believe that any reasonable concept or idea should be taken seriously or at the very least given the opportunity to be properly tested. Any shortfalls will be evident soon enough! It is a shame that we are so quick to discredit or dismiss ones work as science fiction or ignorantly dismissed by individuals obviously clueless as to what they are looking at let alone criticizing!

Please don't misunderstand me - I'm very enthusiastic about the concept of algae based biofuels.

Its just that this particular venture sounded a bit dodgy - hopefully it will work out, but I suspect we're more likely to see these guys just take some investor's money and fritter it away than not.

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