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Al Gore is kicking off a new initiative to try and get people to look at what is happening to the climate (as opposed to listening to a load of blind ideologues spouting random untruths in the conservative mediadrome) - The Climate Reality Project (via Bruce Sterling's 364 days of rampant climate delusion, who quips "You have to wonder now, not what happens when people accept the truth, but how people who deny the truth can maintain the psychosis. All the proper points were fully made years ago. Like, when you’re on the Governor’s staff in Austin right now, and you prayed for rain months ago and none arrived, and the soil is so dry that sewer pipes are cracking in the dessicated, shrinking turf, how do you go home and sleep? I mean, it’s your own home. It’s not like Murdoch’s propaganda waters your lawn").

This year, we have seen historic droughts, heat waves and floods. We’re experiencing record-high temperatures across much of the United States. This extreme weather is being called the “new normal.” But there’s nothing normal about it.

We recently introduced you to The Climate Reality Project. Our new focus is to help citizens around the world discover the truth about climate change and take meaningful steps toward solutions. We’re launching with a groundbreaking, global event called 24 Hours of Reality.

Join us for 24 Hours of Reality. RSVP on Facebook to show the world what can change in a day.

Beginning in Mexico City and proceeding around the globe, 24 Hours of Reality will offer a round-the-clock snapshot of the climate crisis, sharing unique perspectives from Tonga to Cape Verde, from Jakarta to London. On September 14-15, we will bring the world together to reveal the full truth, scope and impact of the climate crisis.

We’ll hear from the people and places witnessing firsthand the devastation of extreme weather events. I’m joining 23 Climate Presenters from around the globe to deliver a new multimedia presentation that will broadcast the reality of the climate crisis. The entire 24 hours will be streamed live online from start to finish.

Click here to learn more about 24 Hours of Reality and find the event in your time zone:

The climate crisis is a global problem we all share. And real solutions can only come when we address it together. Join me on September 14, and find out what can change in a day.

Bruce also has some more on the drought in Texas from the American Statesman - Climate change cracking foundations of Texas capital city.
“With heat unrelentingly beating down on Central Texas, shrinking, dried-out soils are emerging as a threat to infrastructure. Waterlines are breaking, and calls are up at home foundation firms as moisture is sucked out of area soils.

“On Monday, the temperature in Austin reached 105 degrees for the second consecutive day, marking the ninth straight day of triple-digit heat and the 41st of the year, forecasters said.

“The next several days will likely be the warmest days we have seen since mid-June,” National Weather Service forecaster Paul Yura said in an email. “Unfortunately no ‘major’ changes appear on the horizon.”

Real relief from high temperatures may not come for a month. At the current pace, Austin could come close to the record 69 triple-digit days of 1925 and the 68 triple-digit days of 2009 . “Take extra precautions if you work or spend time outside,” the weather service cautions.

“Even as the drought takes an obvious toll on people — between Saturday and Monday afternoon, four people were taken to hospitals in heat-related incidents, according to Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services spokesman Warren Hassinger — it is slowly causing problems for infrastructure.

“The Austin Water Utility has had to respond to roughly 15 more broken waterline calls a week this summer than in an average summer week", said spokesman Jason Hill. The chief culprit is the lack of rain.

“The ground begins to dry out and shift,” he said. “A good portion of the ones we’re seeing are the small lines, from the water mains to homes. Typically the utility responds to 35 to 40 broken line calls a week. This summer, the utility is averaging 55 calls a week, he said.



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