Head For The Hills Time Already ?  

Posted by Big Gav

Matt Savinar of Life After The Oil Crash" had this to say (on ROE3) after he was quoted in the US House of representatives yesterday:

If you had told me two years ago (prior to me learning about peak oil) that I would be getting quoted on the floor of congress by a republican congressman, I would have almost assuredly said to you, "Oh my - is there like a meteor heading towards the earth or something?"

Suffice it to say I was as shocked as much (if not more so) than all of you.

And I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. Ever since first learning about peak oil, I have thought that once the politicians start talking about it - you know things are about to unravel.

Most of us are hoping we have another 5 years of bumpiness before things "get really bad." We may not have 5 months. Or even 5 weeks at this point.

I just got back from hearing Ruppert speak. And to be perfectly honest, I was on the verge of crying.

It's really, really bad folks. I'm wrapping up all the paperwork and accounting and stuff I need to do, going to try to get rid of the 1,000 books I have on stock, and then I'm heading for the hills, although I'm not sure exactly where yet. I would head this very moment if I could.

I did not think things would get this bad, this fast. But what is one to do?

Has anyone seen the text of Ruppert's latest talk ? I remember reading one of his messages last year where he said it was time to head for the hills (which was followed shortly later by something saying nothing to worry about, peak won't hit until the end of 2007) - the main problem with Mike and FTW is the mix of paranoia, conspiracy theories and frequent changes of advice and focus (it doesn't seem that long ago that he was off to the White House to accuse Dick Cheney of masterminding the destruction of the world trade centre - not that that's entirely out of the question, but - unsurpisingly - nothing seemed to come of this particular crusade) - its not easy to get much clarity from there, even if he does thread together a lot of interesting information.

In general the more extreme parts of the peak oil world seem to be freaking out today - and the oil traders seem to be following suit, with no one believing OPEC's pledge to boost production quotas is going to make the slightest bit of difference.

In the meantime, the poor old ANWR has been opened for drilling, as I predicted it would be a little while back. Not that it really makes any difference - at this stage its well past time to start getting rapidly more efficient with energy usage and finding substitues for oil wherever possible. Drilling like crazy just makes the top of the curve a bit wider and makes the drop off steeper later on.

(DarkSyd at UTI also has a good rant about Never getting Into Debt).

Lastly, for those who haven't seen it, here's the full transcript of the speech in the US House of Representatives.

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