RIP Ali Samsam Bakhtiari  

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Demonstrating once again just how not up-to-date I am with the leatest news, I just noticed that respected Iranian peak oil commentator Dr Ali Samsam Bakhtiari passed away last month.

From his Wikipedia profile

Bakhtiari (1946 - October 2007) was a senior expert employed by the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). He held a number of senior positions with this organisation since 1971. He was also an advisor to the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre.

He held a PhD in chemical engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland. He had been a part-time lecturer for the Technical Faculty at Tehran University for many years. Bakhtiari wrote a number of short essays and is the author of Peaks and Troughs which is about the modern history of Iran.

Dr Bakhtiari suggested that it would require an act of god for the world to avoid warring over depleting energy resources. He also believed that a peak in natural gas would be more shocking than peak oil because natural gas is less fluid and requires pipelines and LNG facilities to export overseas.

Dr Bakhtiari's last post on his web site was rather intriguing if you have an eye for tinfoil. Apparently he cut all ties with the peak oil world after a mysterious incident at the ASPO conference in Florence in March - exactly what happened and why he reacted this way isn't at all clear to me, but there are a number of possible conspiracy theories that come to mind. Anyone out there know what happened ?
You certainly know the 'Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas' ['ASPO'] -- the organization created by Dr. Colin Campbell in 2001 -- and which has now grown to some thirty national chapters established in most countries of the developed word -- ranging from Australia to the USA…

In some circles and publications, they have gotten used to affiliate me to either 'ASPO' or 'ASPO International'. I need to clarify that I am NOT a member of 'ASPO' or any of its subsidiaries; and have never been a member and probably will never be -- as I happen not to hold membership in any organization, service or group worldwide…

My participation as a guest speaker at 'ASPO' conferences began with the marvelous 'Historical Premiere' at Uppsala University (Sweden) in May 2002, and it all came to a rather bitter end in March 2007 at the Florence Convegno (in Italy) -- from which I was very lucky to get away with my life. Not surprisingly, I feel rather content NOT to be going to Ireland this coming September to partake in the 'ASPO-6' conference…

Nevertheless, I am extremely grateful to major 'ASPO' personalities such as Dr. Colin Campbell and Prof. Kjell Aleklett, as well as my dear friends Prof. Rui Rosa (ASPO-Portugal) and Convenor Bruce Robinson (ASPO-Australia), for having always assisted me in my research and for sponsoring my participation at key 'ASPO' conferences and seminars. On the other hand, I will NOT easily forget the couple of very dishonest experts who hoodwinked me repeatedly (even adding insult to injury), notwithstanding the trust I had placed in them…

Moreover, I used to be on the 'Board of International Advisers' to the ' Oil Depletion Analysis Center ' ['ODAC'] in London -- which I am no more…

Thus, another small chapter of my humble life has come to an end. It is full of very good memories and a few bad ones. Had I known, I would have quit after Uppsala . It might have been better for all concerned. But decisions are so much easier when taken with hindsight…


* Energy Bulletin - Q&A: Ali Samsam Bakhtiari
* Byron King - Ali Samsam Bakhtiari and peak oil


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