GE Signs Up For Holden Commodore EV Pilot Project  

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GoAuto has a report on plans to build an electric version of the Holden Commodore (its just a pilot at this stage though) - Fleet boost for electro-Commodore.

A FULL-SIZE factory-built Holden Commodore that consumes no petrol, delivers at least 160km of all-electric motoring, comes with a switchable battery leased from Better Place and costs no more than the model on which it is based will be available to all Australian within a few years.

That is the ambitious plan that took one step closer to reality today with the announcement that Australia’s largest fleet car buyer has joined forces with a consortium that will produce a Commodore EV initially for fleet consumption prior to its full-scale public release.

Melbourne-based start-up company EV Engineering (EVE), a consortium of five leading Australian automotive suppliers with global connections, revealed its $26 million project to produce an Australian-built rear-drive large electric car based on Australia’s top-selling model in February.

It now says it is on target to produce the first two concept vehicles by the end of this year, and to have a fleet of seven all-electric ‘proof-of-concept’ Commodores ready for real-world testing by mid-2012.

None of the vehicles will be ready to unveil at this week’s Melbourne motor show, but EVE today announced a significant boost to the project by announcing it has been joined by GE – the parent company of Australia’s largest company vehicle provider, Custom Fleet.

GE will join automotive component suppliers Futuris and its partner Air International, Bosch and Continental, and EV charging network company Better Place Australia, in the EVE consortium, which is funded partly by a $3.5 million grant from the federal government’s now defunct Green Car Innovation Fund (GCIF).

EVE and GE would not reveal financial details of the deal, but each existing consortium partner will supply both financial and technical support to the project, with GM Holden and the CSIRO to provide technical expertise.

Holden’s only involvement at this stage is the initial supply of vehicles, data for those vehicles and the use of its proving ground at Lang Lang, but EVE today indicated it was likely Holden would manufacture the Commodore EV.

“Clearly we will be working with them on the project and updating them on our progress and yes we’ll be happy to review plans for mass production as we get further down the track with the car," said EVE CEO and former senior Holden executive Ian McCleave.


Anonymous   says 7:28 PM

People are always saying, Electric won't sell peoples not interested. SHOW ME THE MONEY, is what they say. All peoples. Buy the car" Lease the battery. Who'd a thunk it! Great Idea. Possible disruptive technology. Tesla S quietly copied the drive train. They can't quietly copy the battery swap. And not easily either. People won't buy. GM, Ford's been saying that for years. While like Tesla, quietly studying, copying the start ups. Like Capstone Microturbine Whisper. People won't buy? Show them the money! The Tax savings & gas savings on a 25,000$$ Electric will pay for itself in 10 yrs! With an average annual gas saving of 23 to 25 hundred. Most people drive more than 15000, annually. Most pay more than $4 per gal. Their savings would be even greater. FREE CAR, FREE TRANSPORTATION, more MONEY IN THE POCKET, BANK, $401K. Cigarettes Beer. It's your money. Car costs you (NO) money. Makes you money. Sounds like Dannny Devito. (25000) dollar gas cas costs you (5000) dollars after 10 yrs including gas costs. Not counting maintenance. Show them the money!

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