Renault To Build Huge Solar Roof  

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Inhabitat has a post on a massive solar roof project in France - Renault to Build a Solar Roof Project a Big as 63 Football Fields.

French car manufacturer, Renault, is about to start building the automotive world’s largest solar roof project that will eventually span the space of 63 football fields. The company is constructing the giant solar array in parts — pieces of the project will be located at six of its French plants — and will generate 60 megawatts of energy when completed. In total, the project will cut Renaults CO2 emissions by 30,000 tons a year.


Collecting and using energy at the source of consumption... what a concept ;-)
Whats next?
Capturing wasted heat and energy from manufacturing process to use in light manufacturing or office space.

Even more radical would be utilizing all process waste to make other process parts and goods...

Yes very "turn of the century America" when we needed wind and water to power our major factories because manufactures could not afford to have energy transmitted or afford to throw ANY of there process/waste byproducts away.

Yes it Renault plant is a "nice" and considering a 100 years ago gasoline was dumped in rivers as a useless, it is pinky toe step forward.

But with all of our science and technology is this progress? I am not sure we are measuring it correctly.

YES "Tomorrow will have breakthroughs... but, there are hints of them today" - Haase

Sounds like a paraphrase of William Gibson's "The future is here already, its just not evenly distributed" :-)

Bob Wallace   says 1:08 AM

What drives the cynicism that causes someone to dismiss a good step forward as "nice" because of the actions of now-dead people 100 years ago?

Is there some fear of celebrating progress? A belief that cynicism is a sign of greater intelligence? A desire to steal someone else's limelight?

I just don't understand....

Thanks for a valid point Mr. Wallace,

We should definitely be praising and celebrating progress... As I praise and recognize 100's of individuals and companies every year for their efforts in protecting our people and planet.

And I suppose I do sound a little cynical about Renaults effort when taken out of context.

However, I am only asking that they look at more sustainable options with higher EROI (low lying fruits) and used examples that have been proven for over 100 years (and still work today) BEFORE they start building.

And I always offer as a volunteer to help companies like Renault with those options.

I LIKE Renault.
They made one of the most environmentally friendly cars I ever owned and I want them and every company "trying", to have a "fighting chance".

While I am hardly an expert on intelligence, I would argue that "doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results" is a sign of it.

If we continue to make the same trillion dollar renewable energy mistake$ we have done for four decades to "solve our energy crisis and get off oil" things will be much bleaker. (Where are the 100's of solar systems installed on GM, FORD and Chrysler manf plants during the 70's /80's today?)

Sure it's nice to use a public school approach of giving everyone an "A for effort". But, I would rather sound a little picky now than critical "after the fact and money is blown".

And we both know... our nations are falling too far behind and have no more money or time to waste on energy or environmental problems to continue "learning from our mistakes, or the hard way".

Also Mr. Wallace, I think you and I want the same outcomes and success for all and any companies protecting our people and planet and If you would like to work with me to draft an open letter to Renault with all the potential beneficial waste and energy options for their operations. That would be great.

Thanks again for the Mr. Wallace,
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ~MLK

P.S. (it was also 5am on a Sunday morning when I commented and I have apologized to BigGav before on my "pre-caffine cynical moments" ;-)

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