Former CIA Analyst On Libya  

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This video made me laugh - the outrage from the CNN hosts at someone telling the truth was hysterical - do people in the US take their media seriously ?


As an American, I can unfortunately say, yes, we do. CNN is still considered by most Americans as "objective and unbiased", or by conservatives, even more erroneously as "Left wing propaganada" (LOL)

Keep in mind most of our media is even worse than CNN, just come here one day, plop on the daily, or nightly news, and count how much actual "news" is there (often about a minute is clocked by observers), where the rest is celebrity gossip, sports coverage, and violent crimes. And people wonder why Americans are grossly underinformed...

Hmmm - I can vaguely remember spending a week in Champaign, Illinois about 15 years ago where I tried watching the local TV for a week - it was stupefying.

After that I generally only watched sports on TV when I visited the US and relied on the internet for news - occasionally I'll check out the local newspaper as well but they are (or were) a bit hit and miss.

Anonymous   says 11:58 PM

I have to agree with TiradeFaction in that yes us Americans take the media very seriously and believe every word they print/say is 100% true and no spin is being applied to it.

RE: "local TV for a week - it was stupefying." - Indeed.

Weather, sports, cat/people/fluff story, media sponsored political answers and

to the top of the

When people ask me if I watch CNN or FOX for news, I typically reply John
Steward, as I much prefer someone opens with a joke before they tell me I am

Always best to leave it off, I hear sitting around watching it all day could be
lethal ;-)

The idea (CNN's) that there is no correlation between our economic situation and
harboring three decades of war... only proves popular media hosts are leading
our nations dive in math scores.

And if they think we are actually taking "drastic measures" to cut $35 billion
in ANNUAL spending while we have a $50 billion MONTHLY interest only payment on
nearly $35 trillion in debt obligations.

Making the choice to take these cuts from our nations schools and social
protection programs while increasing military spending 700 Billion?

It is WHY the U.S. is ranked dead last in Overall Social Spending (Source)

And yes I am exaggerating... or at least they are,

"after Obama and Boehner declared that their budget agreement would produce a
$38 billion savings,
the Congressional Budget Office finds that the deal would shave just $352
million from the deficit in the next six months — “less than 1 percent of the
$38 billion in claimed savings,” the AP reports

How can one possibly have a workable government - let alone a reasonable budget
- when the numbers being used are that far apart?
And when the media gives it token mention and moves on to the next press

This is not a debate. This is not a difference in ideology or an adult
conversation. This is adult insanity.

As noted here before, we are really living in a new Middle Ages in which life is
being driven by myths rather than reality.
And where reality is generally considered irrelevant, unsophisticated or

The media has slipped hopelessly into this morass

(Source PR)

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